Sunday, March 25, 2007

Lost 1 - An Upset

Ahh, we're back and Kate is flagging us down. What's up Kate?

Looks like Risky WooHoo struck again.

The thing that I feel really bad about is there is no training potty so poor Erin has to dirty her diaper every time.

I guess Erin is hungry, would someone get her a bottle?

Much better.

Erin we all know you're tired, but we don't have a crib. perhaps if Locke hadn't been taken by the Others he could have made on for you, but he's gone. I'm sorry.

Maybe a cuddle from daddy will help.
Oh no Sunday morning, the Others are here!!!

This time they took Charlie!

Sayid: Say bott-le for daddy.
Erin: Bott-le.
Sayid: Yay, great job honey!

Looks like Sayid taught little Erin to talk.

Look at this, Erin's using her cute factor to influence one of the "extra" lostaways to clean. Two and she's already really smart.

Jack wasn't too happy though, 'cause she flushed the toilet while he was in the shower.

Looks like our orchard trees are coming along. Thanks for Pruning them Jack.

Weather in a regular neighborhood or on an island, I still love to see the daddy teaching the kids to walk.

And our little Erin is already growing up.

Just beautiful! Not surprising though.
Monday morning. A rescue team headed by Jack has gone out to see who they can get back.

Charlie's back!

Sweet Charlie put in some Eggplant and Peppers for everyone since I don't know how long you'll be here.

Look who has come by, it's Libby's simself. That girl is social.

Yeah Libby I hope you don't get locked up in a cage by the Others either.

Nice going Jack.

Thanks to all that money everyone has brought in we have now "found" every item on the list. Great job guys!!!

Our second baby is on it's way! Thank goodness Erin had her birthday already.

Kate: It's a boy, we'll call him Walt.

Could Sayid be a better father? I don't think so.

Then he helps her with her studies.
Sayid: No daughter of mine is going to be uneducated.
Sounds good Sayid.

Now she's fishing. I think Erin is stealing the show.

Awe, you'll do better next time. No one's good at fishing right away.
Erin: What about daddy?
Not even him.

Speaking of your daddy, he is really getting good at gardening though.
Tuesday morning. The Others are here again! Should be Charlie leaving again.

Ah! What, Kate?!?! Wow we have an upset!

Bye Kate! I hope we'll see you again.

Erin: Bye, bye Auntie Kate!
This girl is too cute.
That'll do it for this episode of Lost. Next on Lost we'll find out who is rescued and the Final score!


Twoyys4me said...

*whew* no cheesecake. :)
Little Walt is cute but Erin is stealing the show- she's stunning.
I know how hard it is to train without smart milk so Kudos to you!
More promo's, badges and all your hidden things found- great job!

ruby said...

Wow they sure found a lot of 'stuff'.. well done and OMG they took Kate? Sure didn't see that coming!
Welcome to the island Walt

Shaunna said... gets taken by the Others after giving birth to little Walt. ROFL...Walt! Nice choice of name. I love how that all worked out!

The pic of the "island" was great. You really did get them all set up!

SpongebobTanu said...

YAY, Walt has arrived on the island! Oh no...Kate...