Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Bachelor Part 7


Looks like it time for the last group date. Brent tried to splash Jenn and she got pissed! looks like everyone needs to use the bathroom and go to bed.
Wait, why'd my buy and build mode just disappear?

Holy crap Brent just spontaneously combusted!!!! Why did you have to wait until you left the hot tub room?!?! I put sprinklers in there!!!

Good idea Lynn put him out, put him out!!! No, pull the pin out first!!!

There, put him out! Jenn just called the fire department!

No!!!! Stay away from the light Brent, don't go into the light!!!!

Lynn, that doesn't work on the grim reaper. Quick plead with him!!!

For crying out loud Lynn, get up!!! Jenn, get your booty up here!!!

Jenn: Ah, please bring back Brent. Umm, hum can you take Lynn instead or both, what about both?

I can't lose the challenge Jenn, I have finish so pick wisely.

Jenn: Ahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lynn: My Brent is gone. My plan has failed.

Jenn why are you dancing?
Jenn: I won!!!
Wait, you planned this?
Jenn: Shhhh!!
Well so ends my attempt at the Bachelor Challenge. Brent's death was a complete accident. He got out of the hot tub just as he got up to very hot which he's done every time before. I put sprinklers in the hot tub room for just this reason. Sigh at least it made for a good ending.


lissabry said...

ROFL that was hilarious OMGs I cant breathe!! Lynn was sneaky but Jenn was sneakier what a great story :D

ASimWen said...

GAH! I totally didn't see that coming! You should get the temp fix from MATY. LOL

Bubbs said...

What a perfect ending, lol...Jenn and I survived!! Poor Brent...{sigh}

You need the fix Wen is talking about. :)

Sarah Schreffler said...

I like this ending better than the one that I thought was coming.

Twoyys4me said...

Wow... not the ending I'd expected. Poor Brent... Lynn wasn't much help going gaga on the floor. Loved Jenn's line to the reaper about taking Lynn as well- or both.. lol.
Great story.

ruby said...

*laughing hysterically*
Okay boys & girls, what lesson have we learned today? Never put Lynn in a challenge, you will die in a fire.
LSHICB I'm sorry, but I had Lynn in my first asylum and I died a fiery death too.
Oh Jenn you sneaky lady, not sure how ya did it, but kudos!
Sorry your challenge ended this way, but it made for a great story!

Spinn said...

A very interesting story and I loved the totally unexpected ending! =)

PRMami said...

Whoa sooo not expecting this one - I thought Lynn would win for sure but I would get the fix from MATY as that has to be a game glitch - and start the day over if not this was good .

I did this challenge and completed it last night it was cute.

Rubywyld said...

LMAO...Holy Crap Brent died!! That was so unexpected...can't someone bring him back? Excellent tale. :)

Shaunna said...


That is me, speechless. OMG! It was the perfect ending as unexpected and sad as it was. I was going back and forth would it be Lynn, would it be Jenn? And it was really...neither!

Poor, dear Brent. You went thru alot in this challenge. XhugsX

Jennifer said...

WOOT...I mean wow that was a shocker. Maybe Lynn and I could hook up now...we don't really hate each other yet. I'm sure if I kill Zoe she'll hate me. So Lynn...wanna hook up?

Brent Irwin said...

Um... I don't know what to say. How about this. "I'm sorry for dying." I bet that's something that you won't hear someone say every day. Anyway.... Wow. I'm totally speechless. I hope the patch coming up is going to fix that little pesky spontaneous death thing. If I could have been pleading instead of Lynn, I'd have knocked big G out, and escaped. Gee thanks for saving me Lynn. Ah well. I guess things like that just happen. Sorry. :D

Jacqueline said...

OH my gosh, what a hilarious challenge! I'm glad I caught up on it! Totally a twist ending!

JMW said...

I thought I had posted a comment to this a little while ago, but I guess I spaced. LOL This was HILARIOUS- and I totally thought the ending was PERFECT for this group of Sim Me's! Hahaaa. The best Bachelorette Challenge I've read thus far. Sorry to see it's all over now. Heh.

I did want to see a Piano fire though. LOL

Twoflower said...

Rachel, even though you failed the challenge itself, your blog about it is SO FUNNY. I totally didn't expect Brent to combust like that. I think your sims forgot that those kind of tragedies are usually reserved for the Asylum Challenge. ;)

SpongebobTanu said...

ahahaahah! this really was a great end to your bachelor challenge. awesome job Rachel.

M.McMillan said...

So either everybody wins or nobdy wins cool ending.