Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Bachelor Part 6

We're back once again for another day with the bachelor and his bachelorettes. It's time for another group date in the hot tub.

Oh looks whose come back to say hi. It's sim me who just left to move in with our other bachelorettes.

I think she's up to something.

Nice one Rachel. Now high tail it out here before someone sees you.

Awe Brent you have to pick up the garbage can huh?
Brent: Yeah, I'm not really sure what happened.
The wind I think.

I don't think Jenn is over Lynn's stunt yet either.

Gee look who has become best friends. How wonderful for them.

At least our other two ladies are still having fun together.

Fight, fight!!!

Not so good this time Jenn.

Lynn: That's what you get for messing with me missy. Brent's mine.
Jenn: Ouch. I don't even want Brent, I have negative chemistry with him. I just don't like dirty cheaters.

Everyone heads off to bed for the night.

Jenn: Hi Wen. SO Rachel told you about what that dirty cheater Lynn did?... Yeah, yeah I can't believe it either.... Yeah, uha.... That's a good idea.... Oh don't think I didn't think of that.... Yep I agree.... Well we'll have to see if it's either me or Shaunna that's left with her.... All right I'll talk to you later. Bye.

Jenn: She poked me again.

Good ladies have some drinks and chat.

Ah, no longer enemies, good. Perhaps we can have a little bit of peace in the house.

Cleaning again Lynn?
Lynn: Yeah and thinking.
About what?
Lynn: Some stuff.

There goes Rachel again. Perhaps she has a plan to give them the flu.

Breakfast time. I thought this was hilarious how Jenn and Shaunna sat at one end of the table and Lynn and Brent sat at the opposite end.

Shaunna I think Brent wants to talk to you.
Shaunna: Well I don't want to talk to him.

Yeah, looks like you should have left her alone Brent.

Lynn: Ouch you poked me in the...
Jenn: In the what, you're not wearing your Zoe shirt.

You ladies having a good time watching TV?
Jenn: Yep, watching Survivor, hoping to get some ideas.
Shaunna: Yeah, ideas shhhh!

Oh it's time for one on one dates, the Romantic kiss. Surprise, surprise, Lynn accepted.

Jenn looks confused by it.

Jenn: Back off buddy.

Jenn: No, no way! I'm not going to kiss you now or ever!
Brent: What? I didn't do anything.

Shaunna didn't even have the option to be kissed romantically, so Brent tried to flirt with her.
Shaunna: No thanks bucko.
At least she was polite about it.

Jenn: So do you like kites?
Brent: They're OK.
Jenn: what about grills, you like grills?
Brent: Grills are good.
Jenn: I'll keep that in mind.

Lynn: ouch, you poked me in the Zoe, again!!!
Jenn: Yeah, yeah tell it to someone who cares lady.

Well it's noon. Let's look at the scores.

Lynn 160
Jenn 150
Shaunna 27

OK, this is hilarious! Shaunna actually likes Brent more than Jenn does. I believe Jenn is -95 and -87 but yet she's only 10 daily behind Lynn. So it is actually still possible for Jenn to win. Good luck getting the woohoo at the though if that happens.

Brent: Bye Shaunna. It's been nice.
Shaunna: Yeah, whatever.

Oh look Rachel stopped by again.

Oh no she's stealing the newspaper. How will Shaunna move out now?

Rachel: See ya at the new house soon Shaunna!

Oh look at handy computer has been purchased. Good thing otherwise Shaunna could never leave.

And for the first time everyone came out and said bye to her, everyone but Miss Lynn.

Tomorrow could be interesting. If Jenn doesn't attack Brent and continues having good conversations, she could win.


ruby said...

Too funny! Rachel knocking over the trash & steals the paper just in time..
Wow, Jenn now that is interesting numbers..
Careful Brent! You don't like grills or kites!! No, no no no! *giggle*
Lynn ya better watch your back sweetie
*waves* welcome to the rejects Shaunna, let's have another pillow fight

ASimWen said...


Bubbs said...

HAHAHA! I'll still winning! I don't cheat, I'm just vicious! LOL

Rubywyld said...

Wow Rachel looks she's enjoying being evil! LOL Poor Brent, the drama...Good Luck girls :)

Shaunna said...

Priceless villinous look from Rachel there. TDF!!

*waves goodbye to virtual self* I will have more fun pillow fighting with Ruby anyhow! LOL!

So much drama, so little time. I am dying to see how this ends.

Jennifer said...

GO ME!!!!

I hope I win even though I have negative bolts for him...that would be sweet!!

Gee and sim-you isn't bitter much huh?