Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Bachelor Part 2

Meet and Greet

What a lovely house. I think everyone will enjoy their time here. Let's check out everyone's instincts.

Ahh I see Sim me is chatting up the Bachelor Brent. Smart move. Looks like she's in it to win it.

OK Wen and Ruby decide to play Rock, Paper, Scissors. hum interesting move. I suppose though it's good to have a good relationship with the other contestants.

Shaunna and Lynn decide to check out the house, claim a bed I guess.

And Jenn and Vilma are talking. Hum looks like Vilma isn't liking what Jenn has to say. Look at that body language. (side note I don't know why Vilma's clothes changed once I was in the game, sorry)

What? Lynn why are you admiring Shaunna? You should be admiring Brent.
Lynn: What? She looks nice. People don't tell each other how nice they look enough.
All right.

Jenn: Woh buddy, I don't think we know each other well enough to be hugging yet.
Uh, bad move Jenn. If the Bachelor wants to hug you, you let him.

All right now Wen and Ruby are having a pillow fight. Ladies maybe you should meet and greet everyone else too.
Ruby: Why? We're having fun!

Brent: Ouch! Not so hard.
Jenn: Wuss!
Play nice Jenn.

Vilma: Hey look over there!
Oh boy this could be interesting. Vilma and Rachel are both Taurus, meaning very playful but also grouchy.

Rachel: *Laughs* All right now you're in for it.

Lynn, what are you doing in the hot tub all by yourself?
Lynn: Hanging out.
Man you're going to over heat.

Quick drink some water before you burst into flames!!!

All right our first hot tub group date. Looks like Ruby is the first one there. Lynn was at a distinct disadvantage cause she had to cool down and she missed being in the main tub.

The ladies spend a lot of time at the bar but now it's supper time.

We have enough room at the table for 7, so whose our odd woman out?

Shaunna just walk down the stairs.
Shaunna: I can't they're broken.
All right, hold on let me get you some new stairs.

There you go. Hey it's raining! It's Spring by the way, the season for Love.

You ladies crack me up. You'd rather spend time playing catch in the rain than talking up the bachelor.

Oh Rachel, please don't dance.

Oh my! At least you look foolish together. Brent, what you doing?
Brent: Just lounging on the sofa.
Why not go dance with the ladies?
Brent: Eh.
Some Bachelor.

All right Brent, Shaunna is having a conversation with you and you're making fun of Jenn's dancing.
Brent: Yeah, but have you seen her dancing?

Wen, what's wrong?
Wen: What's this stuff falling from the sky? And the loud bangs with flashes of light?
It's called a thunderstorm. It's be all right.
Wen: OK

Brent: Gottcha!
That's more like it. Interact with the ladies Brent.

OK, what are you doing now Wen?
Wen: Just doing some reading. I love reading!
*Shakes head* This whole letting them do whatever they want is just not working.

Ruby: Hehe, splash, splash, splash!
Oh Ruby it's a good thing you had that good hot tub time with Brent or you'd so be gone.

Looks like day one has taken it's tole on these folks. They'd better go to bed.

And the first one up is Ruby.
Ruby: Early to bed, early to rise.
So does that mean you're going to take this thing a little more seriously today?
Ruby: Sure am.

Wen: I just feel like I'm punching a clock here. When does this thing really start moving?
Soon, I promise.

Looks like Shaunna has stepped this up here too. A definite competitor.

Someone whose not a real competitor. Lynn! What are you doing?
Lynn; The shower was dirty.
That's what you have a maid for.
Lynn: Yeah but she doesn't get it clean enough.
After this thing is over, you're coming to my house to do some cleaning.

Breakfast time. Ruby missed out on being at the table this time.

Shaunna: so do you think he'll kiss one of us?
Rachel: Probably.

Ruby: Heya.
Ah and another pillow fight. Productive ladies.
Ut-oh it's almost noon, the moment of truth.

I really don't understand some of these, I didn't think Jenn would be leading.
Jenn 77
Lynn 71
Rachel 69
Wen 61
Ruby 56
Shaunna 56
Vilma 34

Wen what are you doing?
Wen: Waiting for the group date.
Now you need to get out and go drink some water. Silly.

Brent: Well bye Vilma. Thanks for coming.
Vilma: Get away from me. I'm off to Prosperity Point.
We'll see you there Vilma. So that's the first elimination. Who will be the next to go? You'll have to wait and see. Time to step it up ladies.


ASimWen said...

Wooohoooo! hehehe This is so funny. I love it. Wen, better step up and show who's the real woman around there... lol kinda dumb burning up in the hottub tho!

PRMami said...

Bwhhahahahahaha - I'm gone!

LOL that was funny!


Bubbs said...

OMG! I'm dying here...lmao! This is really great! Lynn sure doesn't hang around much? Hehehe! I can't wait to see what else happens!

Twoyys4me said...

haha.. great challenge- love all those Simselves. Rachel's got the dance moves huh?! ;)

ruby said...

Ha, couldn't even make it to the breakfast table, so much for taking this seriously *giggle*

*waving* Bye Vilma!

Jennifer said...

Why naturally I'd be winning. Men are drawn to my grouchy spunky ways. I mean they all are. Unless you didn't give me only 2-3 nice points and make me a scorpio like I am in real life.

Brent Irwin said...

I'm interested, but really scared about what will happen when the make-out challenges come. :D

Shaunna said...

LOL! Too funny Rachel. And I am hangin in there...thats good to know.

BTW I am reading this at work and started laughing histerically and my boss looked at me like I was a little bit crazy. Can't wait to continue this saga!