Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Bachelor Part 5

Changing Times

Looks like it's time for another group date. Let's see who is missing?

Awe Jenn has to soak all alone.
Jenn: I'll get back in there you'll see.

Shaunna you're looking mighty red. Good idea to cool off with some water.

Another waterballoon fight. Seriously ladies!

Look at these 2 always talking about kissing.

Time for the one on one dates. Share an interest.

Shoes? Shoes is what you choose to talk about? I hope the next topic is better.

Make-up, seriously.
Brent: the ladies like it when you talk about stuff they like.
I see.

Make-up agian? Well at least you can talk about something other than kissing.

And hats, humm?

Ah profits, I don't know if that will impress ladies.

Hum gold, some ladies might like that.

A safe? Did you rob someone Brent?
Brent: Don't be silly.
I don't know that, that was an answer.

Spontanious dancing, nice move Jenn. What's that about you not liking Rachel?
Jenn: She'd better not win, being that she's you.
I don't control these things you know.

Weather? You have the most chemistry with Rachel and talk about Weather? Let's hope the next subject is better.

More weather? At least before it was sunshine!

Ah and there's Lynn obcessively cleaning again!
Lynn: I do my best thinking when I'm cleaning. I have to figure out how to beat Jenn and Rachel.

There we go folks, have a pillow fight.

Dance, dance, dance!
Jenn: I'm bored.

Lynn: Shake, Shake, Shake. Nope that didn't work.

And everyone sits down together for a quite dinner. It's so nice how everyone gets along.

And then it's off to bed.
-The following morning, time for 3 flirts-

Hold hands, good.

Sweet Talk, good.

Caress, good. Shaunna is a real contender here.

Hold hands, good.

Sweet Talk, good.

Caress, ouch. Bad move Jenn.

Hold hands, good.

Sweet Talk, good.

Caress, denied. Lynn, I thought you wanted to beat Rachel & Jenn.

Hold hands, good.

Sweet Talk, good.

Caress, good. Rachel is trying to pull ahead here.

Rachel I noticed you had been hitting the old buffet too much lately. Good idea to work out for this sort of show.

In the meantime Jenn uses the down time to have a pillow fight with our bachelor.

And Shaunna and Lynn play Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Ehh, maybe you over did it.

That's better, more natural.

Shaunna, why are you making that face?

Holy Cow Lynn in bold move holds hands with Brent in front of all the other ladies!
Lynn: I said I had to beat them!
Dirty cheater! Well at least it should be interesting. I probably won't have to say too much for awhile.

She looks PISSED!!!


Rachel it's OK, stop crying honey.

Lynn: Ouch, you poked me in the Zoe.

Seriosuly Rachel, please stop crying.

Ahh, what are you crying about?
Lynn: She poked me in the Zoe.
Yeah, you deserved it. Eevryone was getting along really well until you had to hold Brent's hands.

Lynn: Yeah go me, I'm so gonna win now!!!
I knew you knew what you were doing!

Awe ladies, stop crying.
Jenn: Look at her over there bragging.

Get her Jenn!!!

Jenn: I'm so buying a piano to start on fire!!!

Jenn: Take that!

Rachel: Yeah get her Jenn!!

Rachel: My turn.
Well it's noon, let's look at the stats. I bet we have a new front runner.

Lynn 147
Jenn 66
Shaunna 54
Rachel 53

What? The one he had the most chemistry with? This is SO not fair!!!

Brent: Thanks for playing Rachel.
I'm really surprised she let him hug her.
Rachel: I'll be seeing you, everyday when I come by and kick over the garbage can or steal the newspaper.

Well this isn't much of a competition now, but it should be amusing


Bubbs said...

OMG! I go up and hoold his hands in front of everyone?!? HAHAHA! Jenn is attaacking me!!

Very interesting....

Jennifer said...

Best Line Ever:
"Lynn: She poked me in the Zoe."

And I've never had a sim work out to their radio on their own...interesting. It's on now Lynn. Beware of the Piano Fire...BEWARE!!!

ruby said...

I can't stop laughing! My family is concerned for my well being... oh my sides, my sides!
Lynn, whew bold move girl, especially in front of Jenn! What were you thinking?!
Get her Jenn! Heh, that outa learn ya!
I agree with Jenn, "She poked me in the Zoe", best line by far!!!

PRMami said...


OY! This has gotten GOOD!

Lynn had it all planned from the very beginning acting like she was cleaning meanwhile thinking up ways to beat the others !

Ohhhh fight - fight!

Yes 'She poked me in the Zoe' was a very clever line - too funny!

This is getting juicy lol

Shaunna said...

Juicy in deed Vilma!

Wow...well, looks like Lynn has it in the bag. What an eventfull update! Still laughing...

And I am going to be a broken record and say it..."She poked me in the Zoe"...brilliant!

ASimWen said...

Hahaha looks like there is only one true contender in this house! LOL Way to go, Lynn~

My Boaz's Ruth said...

I think you're right that the battles over. WAs Nightlife out when this challenge came out? The furious won't fade fast enough