Saturday, March 24, 2007

Lost 1 - Lightning

So far things are going well with little Erin. Everyone helps out however they can.

Oh No it's Tuesday, the Others are here!

And despite his wonderful date with Rachel, Hurley is leaving again. Bye Hurley, maybe we'll see you again, maybe.

Kate continues in her adventures and is doing very well.
Ah, It's Thursday (yeah we had a couple of boring days) The Others are here again!

Sun, not Sun! What will happen to little Erin without her mommy?

Jack: We'll take care of her.

Jack obviously has not spent much time in the garden, but with Sun gone, it's more important for everyone to chip in.

Erin has had her first birthday and holy cow is she beautiful! Not surprising, you've seen her parents.

Kate is getting better and better at her "job"

Oh my god, Toddler Mania Flashbacks, no I can't handle this! Ahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I'm going to have to get used to this because there is no crib to "find".

More help in the garden.

Looks like they must have found the toy bench. This is Erin's only toy at the moment. I hope she enjoys her lovely toy brick. What kid doesn't really?

At least she always has her buddy Vincent to keep her company.

Jack: Say Jack.
Erin: Yack
Jack: Close enough for now dear.

Oh good Kate can make Erin some more toys now.

Another storm, another lightning strike.

Sayid is rocking his job. He should be able to find the Other's village anyday now.

Jack is getting better.

Nice work Charlie.

Cool Sun's strawberries are ready. Yummy, can I have some?

Cool Charlie is getting better at gardening! So why does he look so pissed?

More lightning! The rain put this one out.

Kate what happened?
Kate: I got struck by lightning.
Oh no! All your needs are very low too! Quick pee then eat.

Awe Kate made Erin a Jack in the Box.

Kate, why'd you pee yourself, you're right next to the toilet?
Kate: I couldn't decide if I should eat or pee.
*sigh* Well go eat now, then shower.

All right Kate, what are you doing now?
Kate: Someone was in the shower and I was really dirty.
Crispy, I mean really dirty.

Oh no, not again!!!
Players note, I ran into a time when all the adults where going to be at work so I decided to hire a nanny for when the last one (Charlie) was leaving and the first one home had her leave. Now technically nannies are service NPCs but really they are useless and I just couldn't let Erin be taken. On the show one of the extras would take care of her while the main characters were gone. Maybe I'll just call the Nanny Rose.


Rubywyld said... are doing so much better than me...none of my Lostaways have even gardened yet...and I'm down to 4...or is it 3 now. You've got toys and job promotions, babies...dang...I suck, LOL

Bubbs said...

Couldn't a cradle appear since Locke build one for Claire???

ASimWen said...

Yeah, Erin was too pretty to be taken. :)

javajan32 said...

Two babies? Wow! Your brave or crazy. I can't wait to see who wins.

I put my money on one of the knowlede sims.

Simsation said...

OH, I hope that's not it! I was enjoying it!

Twoyys4me said...

Another great update- Erin really is cute- love the 'toddlermania flashback' comment! LOL. Could happen more now there is another on the way.
can anyone make cheesecake yet?! ;)

ruby said...

TDF Toddlermania flashbacks *giggle fits*
Erin is as adorable as expected.. or more so I'm not sure. I love her playing with her toys made by Auntie Kate... and say Jack, Yack LSHICB
Great update and wooboy another one on the way!
Lucky Kate didn't get fried by the lightening!

Shaunna said...

Awesome work. And good call on Bubbs's part...would the cradle be eligible (not that I plan for any kids let alone two like some crazy woman I know)?

Oh no, toddlermania *covers eyes* I have a third attempt to make and don't want to go there just yet...

SpongebobTanu said...

Awww, yes, yes, Rose will always look after Erin. I love Rose, she is so sweet.

EEEE Kate's pregnant. Thank god the mothers can survive pregnancies on this island. Though...Kate may not with the way she's going.