Thursday, March 22, 2007

Lost 1 - The Beginning

Flight 815 has crashed on an island. The survivors or the crash thought they were alone but they weren't. There are Others on this island. These Others want to kidnap and hurt them. Will anyone survive? Who will be rescued?

Let's meet our

Charlie, a one hit wonder with his band, Drive Shaft. A recovering heroine addict and a habitual liar.

Hurley, the happy go lucky lottery winner who's fate seems to linked to the numbers he used to win with. 4 8 15 16 23 42

Jack, a surgeon and reluctant leader.

Kate, the woman on the run from the law for killing her abusive father.

Locke, the man who worked at a box company and lost the use of his legs in a mysterious accident but woke up on the island with the
ability to walk. He is obsessed with the magic of the island.

Sawyer, a conman who takes what isn't his without remorse. Through his cons he has enjoyed the company of many women, in an
effort to acquire their wealth of course.

Sayid, former member of the Iraqi Republican Guard where he worked as an interrogator. He is wicked smart and get at fixing electronics.

And finally, Sun, a married woman from Korea who learned English from another man. She has a very powerful and
influential father who hired her husband to deliver messages for him. In this incarnation Sun's husband Jin did not survive the plane crash.

Let's see how everyone is getting along on the island.

Everyone is fishing I see. This is good, they only have a couple meal left from the
Dharma drop. Pollo and Niki (other lostaways) destroyed most it in their stupidity. Let's see how well everyone is doing.

A boot? A boot Charlie?
Charlie: Whose there?
Ah, just call me Rachel. I'm here to tell your story.
Charlie: I see. Well, yeah, I'm no very good at fishing.
Too bad
Jin isn't here.
Charlie: Whose Jin?

Our first successful fisherman is
Sayid. Good job!

Kate isn't so good at fishing either.

Charlie, what are you doing now?
Charlie: Looking for a job.
Ah yes that's right. Everyone needs to have an "on island" job. Anything today?
Charlie: Nothing that works for anyone.
Oh crap. I just spent all your money buying you all the stuff you need.
Charlie: What stuff?

See a toilet, fridge, stove and counter.
Charlie: That's all the stuff we'll need?
For now. Don't worry, there's a bunch of stuff around here for you to "find" from the
imploded hatch. You know, when the sky turned purple?
Charlie: sounds vaguely familiar. I think the time line is all messed here.
Well I guess it is. Just go along with it Charlie.

Wow, nice catch Locke. I guess we shouldn't surprised. Too bad there aren't an bore for you to hunt.

Looks like Charlie has begun a small garden.
Charlie: What good is fish alone?
This true. Wait you aren't
burying heroine are you?
Charlie: What? No, I stopped using.

More fishing

that's a nice boot Sawyer.
Sawyer: What's it to ya?
Nothing, just saying.

A catfish!
That'll be tasty for you all Sayid.

Awe that's OK Jack, not everyone can catch a big fish.

Dharma lunch meat sandwiches, yummie!

Looks like some more
Lostaways have come by. Sawyer, is that really a good idea.
Sawyer: She seems rich. I'm hoping to get her to like me so I can get her money.

Wow, our first aspiration points. I don't know what for but hey
Hurely got them, so that's good.

Jack: No Locke, I don't have any C4. Why?
Locke: Let me know if you see any laying around.
Looks like Locke wants to blow something else up. We don't want to get home either Locke, thanks!
Jack: You're going to keep us here aren't you?

I guess it's good that Sawyer is making friends. They'll need them later, you know, if they ever get jobs.

Man alive these guys eat a lot. Having the rest of the
Lostaways around sure doesn't help.

Ouch Hurley, but at least you got a bronze fishing badge.
Hurley: What's a fishing badge good for?
Points, I mean to be able to catch better fish more often.

Cool, so does Sun.

Yuck Sawyer, you stink. Why don't you take a shower?
Sawyer: We don't have one pudding pop.
Pudding pop, is that me? Oh I guess I got a nickname. We'll find you a shower soon, I hope.

It's 6 AM, Oh no, what's that? It's the Others. They've come to take one of our main
Lostaways! Who do they want?

Locke: I'm out of here. I can't stand that stinky Sawyer.
Aren't you worried Locke?
Locke: No, I want to find out more about the Others.
All right, ah see ya I guess.
(Jack, Locke, Sawyer,
Sayid and Sun all had 0 aspiration points so I rolled a die)

Jack, what's up man? I heard you just got your job set as a doctor.
Jack: That's great but I'm freaking starving!
Oh no and you have no leftovers in the fridge and no option to make any fish dishes!

Will Jack die? Who will be the next one to be taken by the Others?


Fairy D said...

I don't have cable so I have never seen lost but this looks like it is going to be interesting.
I have to admit i did not like the guy that was taken so I am glad he is gone. Something about that bald head.

Beans said...

Oh no! I hope Jack doesn't die! *slips Jack a sammich* hehe. Great start Rachel. This will be an interesting one to watch. And I love all the little details you've put in, like having Charlie do the gardening (hiding heroin?) LOL

ruby said...

Hold on Jack, just hold on ...
why can't anyone make the fish? *sigh*
I'm with our lil fairy, I normally like bald men, but Locke was creeping me out!

Twoyys4me said...

I'm not familiar with Lost so it may take me a while to figure out what's going on...:)

Great introductions to your bunch of miscreants though... lol.

Can't wait to see how they get on.

Shaunna said...

ROFL! Pudding Pop! Awesome Rachel and I love your characters, they look really good and are recognizable. I had to laugh at the Paulo and Nikki true! And yeah, Locke deserved what he got blowin up the razza frazzin submarine!!!

SpongebobTanu said...

hahah, love the poke at Nikki and Pollo. interesting start.