Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Bachelor Part 3

Chatting It Up

Getting cooled down Wen?
Wen: Sure am, gotta get into the hot tub date today. I'm in the middle of the pack right now.
There you go, now you're in it to win it.

And who do we see is the first one in the hot tub again? Yep Ruby. Now just don't ignore him the rest of the day like last time.

Ah and Shaunna, who was tied with Ruby yesterday also made it in and Wen who was just above those two. Good job ladies.

Now it's time for an evening nap. They get tired too quickly but I'm trying to keep everyone on the same schedule.

Ruby's the first one up again. It's time for one on one chats with each lady. Looks like a good conversation here.

All right Rachel make this count. You're in third.

Wow and Rachel is Brent's first friend. Good job!

Brent: Lalala, I don't want to hear you!
Oh, that didn't go well. Way to blow it Rachel.
Rachel: Hey!!!

Hum Jenn is discussing Missiles with Brent. That could work, he's a guy.

Oow, guess he's not a fan. Too bad Jenn.
Jenn: Can I start a piano fire for the next loser?
No you most certainly may not.

Hum neither one looks riveted, but at least it isn't a bad conversation.

Brent: So what do you think about kissing?
Wow, bold move there Brent.

Lynn: Oh kissing is GREAT!
That could have gone very badly!

Brent: So do you like sports?
Shaunna: Yeah, they're pretty cool.

And Shaunna becomes Brent's second friend. Nice job. I can tell you really don't want to leave today.
Shaunna: I don't want Jenn to start me on fire.
I won't let her. You don't even have a piano. Anyway, that ends the programed part for now. Everyone do what you want.

Rachel: I like to juggle!
All right Rachel. *shakes head*

Jenn strikes up a conversation with our Bachelor, smart move. Wen can be seen lounging on the couch. You're really just phoning it in, aren't you Wen?
Wen: I want to get back to the Falls and we don't have a computer.
Everyone else can be seen in pillow fights.

Jenn strikes up a game of kicky bag on her own and becomes Brent's 3rd friend. Good move Jenn.

And where's Lynn? Cleaning the shower Again!
Lynn: what someone used it and I don't want it to mildew and bother Rachel.
Rachel: Yeah I'll die!
I know, I'm allergic to mildew too. But you won't die, your face will just swell up and get all... oh they don't need to hear about that. Thanks Lynn.
Lynn: You're welcome.
Time for One Flirt each

Looks like Lynn accepted.

So did Shaunna

And a crush!

Jenn accepts.

Rachel too.

Everyone is hungry, hold on. Hum interesting Brent opted for the sofa with Rachel & Ruby instead of the table. Too bad ladies.

All right back to the flirts. Ruby accepts.

And finally, Wen accepts.
Time to check the stats.

Well now we see chemistry too. Looks like Rachel has the strongest with Brent.
Jenn 107
Rachel 104
Lynn 98
Ruby 95
Shaunna 87
Wen 87

Wow a tie. After looking at how much each of them likes Brent...

Brent: Bye Wen, thanks for coming.
Wen: You're a very nice young man. I'm glad I got to meet you. I hope you find someone to love.

All right bye Wen, you were a very good sport. Now go play the Falls.


ASimWen said...

Ehhh...Wen can't be robbin' the cradle, that is for sure. Yep, she needs to get her self back to Prosperity Falls. :) Let all the younger ladies have a stab at Brent. Thanks for including ASimWen in the challenge. :)

Bubbs said...

Yes! Wen is gone! One less person for me to clean the shower after...lmao! Interesting that Brett is high enough for Lynn, but they aren't friends. Hmm, she must be picky...hehe

Twoyys4me said...

awww.. Lynn's all shy when Brent flirts with her. :D
Sorry to see Wen go- who's next?!

ruby said...

Oh golly I will never catch up to Jenn at this rate and negative bolts? Eh, that may not be so bad to be eliminated.. then I can go find Randy.. wait you said he's not in Veronaville... LOL

*waving* Bye Wen! Give my love to Zaed.

PRMami said...

Hey I guess Wen and I both don't need to rob that cradle :::shudders::: so it was appropriate we both left ;) lol
Hmmm so who will be next?

Rubywyld said...

Too funny reading a blog with names I actually know! Sigh..yet another challenge I may have to try...and it's all Rachel's fault.

I have to you talk to your computer when you play...or rather the sims themselves...they way you write your blogs is so funny I can just imagine you really talking to the screen when they do something they shouldn't , LOL

Jennifer said...

I must have been telling Brent about how George Bush sent a missile into the Pentagon...that's a conversation that normally gets people riled up! **grins mischievously**

Shaunna said...

Still laughing histarically!

Phew, that was a close one...despite the crush, I almost had to make my exit. Thats cool tho, this is absolutely the most entertaining challenge I have read in a long time!

Heading over to part 4 now!