Sunday, March 25, 2007

Lost 1 - The End

Well this is it. We will finally find out how Lost ends, well my challenge at least. Last time we lost our last woman so I guess we won't have any more babies, thank goodness.

Sayid nice job Sayid, I hope you can make it to the top of your career before this week is over.

Even without a woman at the lostaways camp little Walt still gets lots of attention. He is an overly needy baby.

Charlie is a valuable friend for Erin though. Poor girl needs someone to play with.

Thanks to Sayid's military training he was able to build a training course. Unfortunately he can't stay on it too long thanks to the heat.

Cool the orchard trees are baring fruit. Erin is such a big help with the gardening.

Nice job Charlie!

Jack is a good daddy. It's nice that the two kids each have one parent left.

What are you making Jack?
Jack: Some Orangeade. I heard it is helpful.
Yes, I heard that too.

Hum boost to Flower arranging badge, great, that's helpful.
Thursday Morning, the Others are here for someone!

Charlie: Whys everyone looking at me?

Bye again Charlie. Now we're down to two. Jack & Sayid are neck and neck for aspiration points too, so this should be close.

Wow, look at those Strawberries! I'm getting hungry for them and they are a good source of vitamin C. I should get some since I might be getting sick again and I can't eat oranges... oh sorry, back to the lostaways.

Looks like all those drinks of water are taking their toll on the sink. Do you really think banging on it with a wrench is the best way to go Jack?

Yeah get out of the way Jack and let the real man, um, real handyman take care of it.

Erin is doing some planting to make compost. Plant, then pull up. Wish I had the money to that in the beginning.

Our little man Walt had a birthday. He's handsome, looks a lot like his dad.

Walt loves his toys!

All both of them!

Look away, more Toddler Mania flashbacks!!!! So hard to watch.

And Jack is getting some more gardening skills! Good job man, we only have a couple more days here.

Oh and Walt love Vincent even though he reeks! Kate was close to the next toy badge, but they never got a water wiggler for the poor dog to get clean.

This has been the hardest summer of the whole challenge. Erin was asleep in bed, inside and she overheated! Quick to the sink!

Feeling better honey?
Erin: Yes mame.
Well you just keep on gardening then. Your daddy and Jack need all the time they can get to work on their skills.

Nice job Sayid!

Nice job Jack! Unfortunately neither of you made it to the top of your careers, but you still did really well.
Sunday morning and the Others are coming one last time.
Drum roll please.....
Wow this is REALLY close....

Bye Jack.
Jack: Thank goodness Vincent stinks!
I know he does, poor dog.

Rescue has arrived and found that only one of the original 42 survivors of flight 815 is left, Sayid.
The kids both made things more difficult and also helped at least once Erin became a child. Although she did give more aspiration opportunities for her parents.
All right next we have the final stats.
Lost 1 - The Score


Twoyys4me said...

Yay Sayid remains!
Walt is so cute too! Love his little hat.
I can't wait to try this one myself now. :)

Rubywyld said...

Woohoo Sayid!! He does look good in a uniform no? :) Erin really grew into a beatiful girl, hope we see her around in the future. Your blog makes me want to try again..maybe keep a few alive this time around, LOL. Excellent job girl.

ruby said...

Oh yeah, hottness prevails! *cheering* Yeah Sayid!

Shaunna said...

*swoon* My man made it to the end!

Nice work Rachel! Loved to read it and made me look forward even more to playing it.

SpongebobTanu said...

oh no...i was rooting for Jack. *pouts*