Saturday, March 24, 2007

Lost 1 - Opps

Summer is really rough for our Lostaways. It seems there are constantly having thunder storms.

They had their very first lightning strike.

Luckily Kate grabbed the Dharma fire extinguisher and put ti out before things got out of control.

Oh Sayid, you're looking so buff. That exercise machine you found is really paying off.

Oh no Sun are you OK?
Sun: I don't know I think I ate some bad fish.

OK Jack this is taking OCD cleaning to another level. You're outside, there's no reason to mop!

The shower broke. Not surprising it's from the 1970's.

Hi Sun.
Sun: Were there any pregnancy tests in the wreck from plane?
I think there was a Widmore one, why?

Sun: I think I'm pregnant.
Yeah, I think you are too. This is not good. When Sayid and Sun woohooed I thought, "oh hey I still have Risky WooHoo installed, oh well if she gets pregnant it will be more realistic" Now I'm wondering what I'm going to do with a baby? I didn't write anything into the rules like say a crib or baby toys! This could be very bad or at the very least interesting.

Hey look who showed up, it's Vincent. He always seems to show up when he's needed or something needs to be shown to our Lostaways. I think he knows that toddlers love dogs.

Cool the tomatoes are ready.

Oh no Hurely's in aspiration deprivation! This does not look good.

Good job Jack. We need a good doctor around here, so hurry up man.

Sun is planting strawberries. Yummy.
Oh no, the Others are here!

Noooooo, not Hurley!!!

Charlie, what are you doing?
Charlie: Just finally got my "on island" job in music. It hasn't come up before.
Well that's good. You know I think you all have been eating too much fish and seriously need to work out.

Kate is doing well at gardening too.

Cool Sayid is doing well with his military skills.

Everyone is getting really hot so we have to cool them down and quick.

We have another storm and more lightning.

Nice job Sun. You're one bad mamma gamma!

More lightning. Ahhh!!!!

Jack takes care of this one.

My goodness Sun! Well that's what happens when you only have one shower and all these people that just ran up the fire.

Sweet Kate and Jack are umm, well, getting it on here unlike on the show at least so far.

Monday morning and Charlie is heading up a rescue mission to save...

Hurley!!!! Wait Charlie's heading up the team, this is headed fro disaster.
Charlie: Hey!

Yipee they got Hurley back!!!

And look at who just happens by. It's the cast out version of sim me from the Bachelor Challenge. Good idea Hurley talk to her, you're both Pleasure sims.

Rachel; So then I had to move out. But I taught them, I stole their paper every day and kicked over the trash can a couple times.

Hurley: Well I sure think you're pretty.

Hurley: How about a date?
Rachel: Sure Hurley.

That went really well. I hope she comes by again.

Cool Kate is doing well with her adventures.

Charlie is doing well as well.

Hurley, you seem to be doing much better.
Hurley: Dude, I'm doing great! I sure hope Rachel comes by again.

Sun's putting in some cucumbers.

Oh boy things are about to get interesting.

It's a girl, Erin! I have a feeling she's going to be really pretty.

Everyone sure is happy about the new little one, but for how long?


Rubywyld said...

Awww, ...I just knew Sayid and Sun's baby was going to be a cutie. My last comment disappeared to so I hope this one goes through. Anyway as usual great picture captures...I loved the way you put together Charlie having to choose who to rescue. Neat seeing the numbers and all. Awesome job. :)

ASimWen said...

Pretty baby! LOL looks like everyone is comin' right along learning how to garden and fish. :)

Twoyys4me said...

Another great episode- I'm rather 'Lost' but I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually. So Hurley left and came back.
I must go read the rules.. LOL.
Cute baby Erin- I'm sure she'll grow up fine with so many sims in the house- ummm.. island thing. :)

Shaunna said...

LOL! fitting?! You are really making this interesting for yourself and for us! I can not wait to try this challenge out for myself. :)

ruby said...

Naturally Erin will be a gorgeous kid, I mean look at who her father is! Have I mentioned how wonderful he looks in uniform? heh!
Yeah its Rachel! *waving* Hi Rachel, its only fitting that she likes Hurley too

Sonshine said...

In my game, both Hurley and Sayid were taken. I was totally floored that Sayid was taken b/c he was doing so good and getting points left and right, but he was the lowest one the second time around. Charlie most surprised me! He was the lowest and then he made a friend and that must have topped him off, lol. Kate and Locke have hit it off together now and are in the lead. I'll be glad when one of them gets a gold badge though!

SpongebobTanu said...

yay, hurley's back. too funny about the sim you.