Saturday, March 24, 2007

Lost 1 - Kissing in the Rain

Last time Jack was looking not so good. I couldn't figure out how to get him anything to eat for breakfast since all I had was fish.

Yes Jack I know you're hungry. All right I got a tip to have you Make food instead of Serve it. Hope that works.

There you go Jack, you'll be just fine.

Good job Charlie! Better Fish are on the way.

Hum, something has made everyone happy. I wonder what it is?

Ahh, you found the shower that was in the hatch, no wonder everyone was so happy. Good thing too 'cause everyone stinks! What's wrong Sun?
Sun: Kate smells bad.
If that isn't the pot calling the kettle black I don't know what is. Everyone will get a shower now Sun. You got to go first because you've been our best fisher person.

Hurley: Ahhh!!!
Yes Sun is showering outside. Relax, everyone will.

Looks like all the knowledge sims are happy about something. I wonder what that could be?

Looks like you found the bookcase and some great books. And look Sawyer is even sharing.

Kate: Wow that Jack is hot!
No fooling Kate.

Looks like the flirting is going well.

Hi Jack. Good to see you back from your "job". The job never stops on this island for our doctor.

Wow you're just "finding" stuff all over the place right now. A chess set should really come in handy.

Ahhh!!!!!!!!! Hail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quick everyone to one bedroom hut you have!

Thank goodness they hadn't move the bed in yet. So yeah, just hang out a little, it should pass quickly.

Good old fun time Hurley starts a pillow fight.
Oh no it's the Others! Who will they take this time?

Sawyer! There goes all the "family" friends.
Sawyer: It'll be all right Puddin' Pop someone here will save me.
That's an interesting theory.

Things are progressing well for Jack & Kate. Now that Sawyer is gone they can really be together. And kissing in the rain is so romantic.

Nice job Hurley!

Charlie I know puddles are fun, but come on man!

And everyone's favorite gardener is at it and she's getting better. Oh boy something other than tomatoes will be popping up soon.

Looks like we have another budding island romance.

Oh my! That didn't take long.

Good you found one of the painting easels from the hatch. Awesome Charlie! You can work on your creativity in case your job ever comes up.

I just thought that was funny. He burned Blacked Catfish. Isn't that what blackened means?

Sun is just good at everything she does.

Looks like Hurley found another "extra" Lostaway he thinks is pretty.

Hurley: How 'bout a hug?
Extra: I don't think so buddy.

Hurley: I think you're pretty, but do I know you from somewhere?
Extra; I don't think so buddy.
Harsh right in front of Sayid.

Sayid is doing well. I think they will be "finding" some more stuff soon.

Oh no! Aspiration failure! Hurley get up! The others are coming in a day or so. This can't be happening!

Great Hurley's seeing people that aren't there. Time to get back on your meds Hurley.

With renewed confidence Hurley gets right back in there.

Good deal Hurley, maybe you can pull it back up out of the dumper after all.

Love is in the air!

Yep, they found the double bed. Of course Sayid will get some. Have you seen how amazingly hot he is and wicked smart? Plus don't forget about that accent.

Did someone hear something? No? Alright.
That'll do it for this update. Can Hurley get enough aspiration points to avoid being taken by the Other? I hope so Sayid & Hurley are my two favorites.


ASimWen said...

What fun! Now I don't have to take time from Simming to watch the show! LOLOL

ruby said...

we may not have heard it, but that doesn't mean that you didn't hear it!
Love is in the air... aw how sweet!
Its fun to 'watch' your Lost, since I don't watch the tv show.
Nice job 'finding' things!

Rubywyld said...

I read the first and second blogs together... Pudding Pop...(snicker)

Ah the drama..too cool how you are going along with the series in your story telling style too. Poor Hurley, ...aspiration failure is never fun. Can't wait to see who survives.

Twoyys4me said...

excellent! Hurley really looked quite mental during his breakdown (the whole point I guess). LOL.

Blackened catfish- lol.. love that comment. :)

Shaunna said...

Great update. I saw the Jack/Kate thing coming (sooo cute them kissing in the rain) but the Sayid/Sun combo? Nice! I am sure they would make lovely little ones, just not in this challenge...?

And Hurley...that lostaway extra reminds me of someone...Libby? Is that you? LOL!

SpongebobTanu said...

how cool that hurley's story is working similar to the show! uh sun preggo...will she survive?