Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Single Vampire Parent Challenge: Chapter 3

Me: Last time we left Raquel she had just given birth to triplets. I wonder how this will go?

Me: Welcome home Raquel. How are the triplets and everything else?
Raquel: Everything and everyone are very good.
Me: Very good? Seriously? Is that a stink cold I see?
Raquel: Well yes, but the sun is up. It's fine. I just need to get in the coffin, so just stop talking.

Me: Looks like there is been a birthday. Welcome to toddlerhood Victoria. Things are about to get really interesting.

Me: Ahh!!! Is celebrating Renee's birthday really a good time to be scaring everyone with that face.
Raquel: What? It's Halloween.

Raquel: Isn't she beautiful?
Me: Yes, very, but what about William?
Raquel: You'll see him, just wait.

Raquel: See here he is. I'm teaching him to walk.
Me: Yeah, ah, maybe we'll get a close-up later.

Renee: Purty ButtRfly.
Me: Very. Can someone get the toddler inside the house? Nanny? Anyone?

Me: Speaking of birthdays. Happy birthday, Samantha!
Julia: Yeah, it'll be great to have more help with the triplets. What I don't understand is why I can't potty train them and I have to wait under they soil themselves and them give them a bath?
Me: Your mom has to do all training. Sorry, that's how it works.
Julia: *sigh* Fine.

Me: Wait, it's their birthday again? How'd it go?
Raquel: Not too bad. They all learned all their skills. There were a few dirty diapers and a many baths but with Julia's help, it wasn't bad at all.
Me: humph. I think a lot of people are disappointed.
Raquel: Well blah to them.
Me: Oh and Happy Birthday Victoria!

Me: And to you Renee.

Me: And finally to William. Nice to get a good look at you finally *clears throat at Raquel*

Renee: Mom!!!!
Me: Shhh, honey, your mom is sleeping and we don't want the warm rays of the sun to cause she early death.
Renee: Oh. . . OK.

Me: Pregnant again I see. The Count must have been by.
Raquel: But of course.

Me: Study time.

Me: looks like Julia is enjoying the twins being older.

Me: I was wondering where Samantha had wondered off to and where do I find her? In one of the coffins. Any time I can't find her, guess where she is? In the coffin.

Me: Wowzers that's a huge belly.
Raquel: Shh, I'm helping Renee with her homework.

Me: Baby time, again!!!

Me: Wait, why are you waving your hand in the air like you just don't care?
Julia: Dah it's twins.
Me: Wait did you eat cheesecake?
Raquel: Sure did.
Me: did you know you'd have twins because of it?
Raquel: sure did. Triplets were pretty easy, so twins should be a piece of cake.
Me: Wow. Welcome Kevin and Emily.

Me: He's very handsome.

Me: And some potty training.
Raquel: This is so piece of cake now.

Me: Looks like Samantha is enjoying being a teen.
Samantha: When I don't have to take care of my siblings, I sure do.
Me: It'll get easier really soon.

Me: Yep, the triplets are teens, already.

Raquel: 5 teens and 2 toddlers. I like that kind of math!

Raquel: Emily's trained.

Raquel: So is Kevin.

Me: I see the Count has been leaving more gifts.

Me: How time flies.

Me: no more toddlers.

Me: Wow you maxed ALL you skills!
Raquel: Blah, it wasn't too hard.

Me: Second to last homework session.

Me: Last homework session.

Victoria: Blah.
Me: What happened?
Victoria: Mom wanted us to join her.
Me: I do have to admit you sure are a cute Vampire.

ME: Samantha on the other hand. . .
Samantha: Blah! What do you mean by that?
Me: Nothing I swear.

Me: Renee too. Just in time too.

Julia: Yep, the cab is here, I'm going to college.
Me: which brings us to the end.

25 1st child born x 1 = 25
10 pt each additional child x 6 = 60
10 each time any child reaches Life Stage in Plat. (all did every time) x 12 = 120
10 each maxed skill by Vampire x 8 = 80
10 each Parent/child best friend (all with mom, none with dad) x 7 = 70
10 each sim Vampire bites x 3 = 30
10 each skill child is taught (all learned all toddler & homework) x 28 = 280
10 points for Private school (didn't even try) x 0 = 0
25 if Vampire holds down job x 1 = 25
-10 Exit without saving x 1 = -10

Grand Total: 680!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Single Vampire Parent Challenge: Chapter 2

Me: Welcome back to. . . wait!

Me: Now I bet you're wondering, "What the heck happened?" Well, I think it's time to bring in the CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) team. Welcome CSI Rachel.
CSI Rachel: Thank you. Now, let's see what happened here. I see there is a coffin on the front lawn.
Me: Yeah, that's so Raquel can get right in it when she gets home from work.
CSI Rachel: Well she obviously got out for some reason. It looks like the remains are ashes. I can conclude from that, that she was burnt up by the sun.
Me: Even I know that, she was a vampire after all.
CSI Rachel: I notice the ashes are right in front of the energizer. I conclude from this she was trying to save herself at the last moment.
Me: But why did she get out of her coffin?
CSI Rachel: And that brings me to final piece of evidence, the stereo.
Me: Oh no!!!
CSI Rachel: Yes, it is my professional opinion that the stereo was left on from last night. Raquel came home from work and tried to go to sleep in the coffin but she couldn't because of the stereo. It's obvious that whomever was in charge here didn't realize this was why she got out of the coffin the first time, so this happened twice. In a last ditch effort to save herself she stepped into the energizer but her needs were too low and she stepped out immediately and perished.
Me: Wow, I think you're right. But wait.
-Exits without saving, marks down the lose of 10 points and reenters the lot and moves the stereo inside the house-

Me: Much better. I see you're back this evening Count.
Count: Blah. Yes, I have a daughter, blah. I want to get to know her.
Me: Who knew the Count would make a good father.

Me: Great job Raquel! Uh, try not to bite any of your students.
Raquel: OK.

Me: Happy Birthday Julia! And now that you made it through the easy infant stage, let's see how your mom handles the toddler stage.

Raquel: Say Blah. Blah.
Julia: Bye.
Raquel: no, Blah.
Me: I think only Vampires can Blah.

Me: This is just too funny. Most of the Lost-aways dancing in the tiny stereo room.

Me: Wow, the Count brings sweet gifts!

Me: And he brings the festiveness for Julia's next birthday. Wow Raquel, you survived Julia's toddlerhood. How'd it go?
Raquel: Not so bad. Lots of smart milk and thinking caps. She learned all her toddler skills and got 8 charisma points.
Me: Hey great job.

Me: You're so beautiful Julia.
Julia: Gee thanks. Hey, why can't my mommy play outside during the day?
Me: Well you see the sun hurts her. You can play at night and she always makes sure to have lots of leftovers in the fridge for you.
Julia: OK.
-Here's the part where I didn't take a lot of pictures. I wasn't sure I was going to blog this so I missed a lot of the shots I usually take, sorry.-

Me: Baby #2 is here! So Raquel, what'd you have this time?
Raquel: Another girl, Samantha.

Me: Just thought I'd let you all see Raquel's last name. She was destined to be a vampire.

Raquel: Happy birthday baby Samantha!
Me: Time for the second trial with a toddler. Won't be quite as easy with a child in the house as well. Speaking of which. . .

Me: Time for Samantha to do her homework. Looks like 2 days worth. It's not as easy as we thought it was.

Me: Well I guess toddlerhood was pretty easy, cause look, Samantha is already a child.
Raquel: Yeah, it has been relatively easy so far.

Me: It looks like Samantha is making friends with Rachel Bachelor.
Samantha: yeah, she kept stopping by the house. She's a nice lady.

Me: Wow Julia, it's already time for you to become a teen?
Julia: Sure is.
Me: Happy Birthday.

Me: You sure are lovely Julia, but why are you purpley pink?
Julia: It's summer time and the house is so small. I spent too much time outside playing chess with that Rachel Bachelor, she's sun burnt as well.
Me: well you just drink some of that water and feel better.

Me: She looks better and hey she's getting a blind date.

Me: Looks like she's hitting it off with him.
Julia: Yeah, he's nice. And he's one of those Bon Voyage guys, so when he visits, he stays for 3 whole days.
Me: Cool and I think that will be helpful, very soon.
Julia: What do you mean?
Me: You'll see.

Raquel: Dang it Count! Stop biting my friends!
Me: Poor Charlie Lost.

Me: Yay baby #3!!!! See there's Destry, it's good that he's here, very good.
Raquel: He, he why?
Me: Just wait.

Me: Now I bet you're all wondering why there are 3 babies here? Well, because of a glitch. She had 3 single births, no twins. She had the first, Victoria, set her down, went into labor again, had Renee and finally had William. I thought that would make for a good challenge so they stayed. Luckily a vampire's needs won't decay during labor, cause it was daytime and no way she would have survived through 3 times of labor in a row.

That's all for now. How will she or I handle triplets? Come back for Chapter 3.