Saturday, October 27, 2007

Single Vampire Parent Challenge: Chapter 1

I recently discovered the Single Vampire Parent Challenge and thought I'd give it a try. You can find the rules at the TS2Challenges Yahoo Group or here. Now let's meet the victim, I mean. . . oh who am I fooling, the victim.

Me: Hi There Raquel. Welcome to Veronaville.
Raquel: Hi. Hey how'd you know my name?
Me: I know all kinds of things about you. Like how you're sim me just blue. And you're a pleasure sim and you want to have 50 1st dates, which SO is not going to happen. You'll have to become a vampire and raise at least one baby all by yourself.
Raquel: *Giggles* Oh sorry what was that? I was busy trying to catch butterflies.
Me: Don't worry about it, you'll find out. Oh and enjoy the daylight while you can.
Raquel: What does that mean?
Me: You'll see.

Raquel: One date please.
Gypsy: Wow $5,000, you're serious!
(several guys drop from the sky one at a time and quickly dismissed. Finally. . . )

Me: Welcome Count.
Count: Blah! Thank you my lovely.
Me: oh no, not me. The blue chick over there, that's Raquel.

Me: How was your first date with the Count?
Raquel: Good. Fun! I don't know why he had to leave so soon.
Me: You'll understand soon enough.

Me: So I see you got a job in education.
Raquel: Sure did, I just love kids!
Me: That's very, very good news. And a good schedule for the future. You only work Monday - Friday and during the day.
Raquel: Why is that so important?
Me: All in good time, my dear, all in good time.

Me: So I see the Count is back.
Raquel: Sure is, we really hit it off.
Me: What's he doing to your friend there?
Raquel: Not sure really.

Me: Great job Raquel!
Raquel: Thank you. I worked so hard today, I need to blow off some steam.
Me: A date with the Count should do the trick.
Raquel: Great idea.
Me: Just wait 'til after 6 to call him.

Me: Cute pictures. How are things going with you guys?
Raquel: Really well! 100/100 and we're in love!
Me: That's great. . .
Raquel: You look confused.
Me: I just wonder why he isn't taking it to the next level?
Raquel: He's a gentleman, that's why.

Me: Let's just use a little influence. Sorry Sun (of my Lost challenge) another playable being bitten might encourage the Count.

Raquel: That feels so goo. . . weird.

Raquel: Blah! I feel so funny.
Me: Count, why don't you lay it out for her.

Me: Congrats Raquel! So, um I can't help but notice it's daylight and you're sorta smoking and not in the smokin' hot kind of way.
Raquel: Is that smell me?
Me: Why don't you hop in that coffin on the front lawn.
Raquel: That's sorta creepy.
Me: Well if you don't, you'll up a pile of ash. So move it chica!

Me: This can only mean one thing, the baby is on it's way! And thing are about to get interesting.
Raquel: That's two things.
Me: So sue me.

Raquel: Um hun, my friends don't like it when you bite them.
Me: I'm just happy I'm finished with my Lost Challenge.

Raquel: Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: Baby time!!!!!!

Me: So nice that the Count is here.

Raquel: Meet my daughter, Julia.
Me: Welcome little one.

Me: Which brings us to the end of the first chapter. A little tid bit. Raquel me the Count the very first night (Monday) and he didn't bite her until Friday. Check back next time.


ASimWen said...

Woo-Hoo that looks like loads of fun. =^^= :) Mebee I will try it. Thank you for posting the link. :)

Infinity-Nevermore said...

Cute. Short and sweet. I'm afraid to let the Grand vamps loose in my town, assuming I could actually find them.

Melissa said...

Nice start. I've never had a vamp in my game, either. Used to have this wierd glitch where I couldn't interact with the vamps, but it cleared itself up when I installed BV. So maybe I'll give this a shot. I'm still working on Prosperity, but I find myself getting easily distracted lately. =)

Chelsea*Lou said...

Oooh! Looks fun! Too bad i don't have NL. =( Oh well. I'll do it vicariously...
Nice Job! =]]

Kerry said...

Are they not allowed to have a house? They seem to be outside all the time. The only time I had a vamp, she kept getting out of her coffin during the day, and then whining about the sun--I found her really annoying. Looking forward to seeing more of poor Raquel.

Twoyys4me said...

ooh this looks like so much fun- poor Sim you- she gets put through the ringer. :)

So funny to see all your ex-Losties being Vamped.

Raquel's vamp thumbnail is really 'blah'! heh. :)

Must go read the rules. :)

Rubywyld said...

Love your curbside coffin... had to borrow that idea ;)

I swear girl only YOU would get a glitch to have 3 babies at once. Can't wait for part 3!!

ruby said...

Great start Rachel, you look good blue *grins* Aw welcome to the neighborhood Julia!

Willow said...

This looks like a really fun challenge! I've never played a vampire before I'll have to try it out...when I'm done with my apocalypse...and my bachelor challenge...and my asylum challenge...*sigh*

So fun to see the Lost Sims getting vamped, hee hee!