Sunday, May 6, 2007

Rights of Women Part 2

Hey ladies! Looks like Bell has learned to walk!
Ella: Yes she has! My little girl is really smart! I can't wait for her to go to college.
Um, yeah, she can't go to college.
Ella: What? Awe man, we can't do anything!
You can do some stuff, just not everything you want to. It's sort of the whole point of the challenge, sorry ladies. Your great grand daughter will be able to though.
Ella: Great! Long after I'm dead and gone.

Oh look Bell got a new hair do! It's very pretty.
Ella: Yeah, you told me she had to wear it up too, so this is what we went with.

What are you making?
Ella: Pancakes for my loving husband. He gets upset if breakfast isn't on the table in the morning when he gets up

Oh look, Timmy grew up. He has an interesting mix of both his parents.

Maybe not quite so tight Bell.

Ella, you look relax.
Ella: Yeah, Bell is asleep and I'm exhausted and smelly and uncomfortable.
I'm glad you're getting a little time to yourself.

Who is this Ella?
Ella: This is our new kitten Talula. She'll be Timmy's "wife".
Can't wait for her to grow up.

Are you OK?
Ella: I think I ate something.

Bad kitty! Get down!

Ella: I guess I wasn't sick.
Nope. I hope it's another girl.
Ella: Really? Why?
Because if it's a girl you'll have someone else to help with the chores. If it's a boy you'll have someone else to take care of.

Oh Happy Birthday Bell! You sure are growing up to be quite beautiful.
Bell: Awe thanks lady.

Marcus: So I see you're having some problems keeping the house clean.
Ella: Well I've been very tired with being pregnant and having a toddler running around. It should be better soon. Plus now Bell will be able to help out.
Marcus: All right dear.

Helping out your Mom Bell?
Bell: Yes, mame

Doing some shopping Marcus?
Marcus: Yes. No daughter of mine will be wearing pants. I got her something more appropriate.

How do you like your new dress Bell?
Bell: It's pretty. I like the bow.
Yes, it looks really nice.

Bell you helping out your mom around the house?
Bell: Sure am.

What are you doing now Ella?
Ella: Dancing, I really needed some fun.
I see, you just looked mad.

Oh look little Erin Lost stopped by, wearing pants, hum. Oh well. I just had to show her off again, she's adorable.

That's disgusting

So is that. Thank goodness Ella has help around the house now.

Helping Bell with her homework?
Marcus: Of course, a girl needs to know a few things she cannot learn from her mother.
Hum, I won't comment on that.

Bell: Peek-a-boo I see you.

You look confused.
Bell: I just don't understand this game.
Keep playing, just don't tell Marcus, I don't think he would approve.

Ella: Eeeee!!!!!!!!!
Marcus: What's wrong dear?
Um she's having a baby, men.

Ella: It's a boy, we'll call him Gaston.

What are you reading Bell?
Bell: A cookbook, I have to learn to cook. Daddy said I'll have to cook for my husband.

looks like Talula had a birthday!

Looks like the next kitty generation is on the way.

Looks like a typical busy day for the ladies of the house.

Our little man grows up, in style?

It's Kitten time!

Welcome Sarah and Sammy. You know what this means? The house is now full!

Shh, poor Ella is exhausted! With all the housework and child care her responsibility I'm surprised she hasn't passed out yet.

What's going on little man?

Oh it's your birthday! You sure did grow up handsome!
Gaston: Ah, thanks lady.

Speaking of birthdays!

Bell you are so lovely. Don't get too used that outfit though.
Bell: Why not?
It's not appropriate, according to your dad.

Bell: This is all right too. A little hot for spring and summer though.

Looks like the cats are getting along well.

Oh wow, you ladies put in an amazing garden!
Ella: Thank you, Bell and I work very hard at it. She already has a silver badge.
Just the two of you work on it?
Ella: Yes, Marcus doesn't think men should be in the garden. Gaston likes to fish though.

Great job Bell! You'll be able to grow lots of great food for your family!

Gaston you are quite the fisherman!

Marcus: My boy is going to be the smartest kid in his class!

Hi Sammy, welcome to adulthood.

Sarah, you are a beautiful cat. I think you'll be our cat heir.

Oh look Marcus and Gaston are playing catch. I wonder what the ladies are doing.

Working, of course.
So ends this visit. Next time Bell will begin entertaining suitors provided by her father of course.


ruby said...

Oh my stars, I don't think i could play this challenge.. I'd be yelling at the rules too much *giggle*
well done! I am so surprised she hadn't passed out due to exhaustion!

Twoyys4me said...

Poor Ella... I think if I was her then Marcus would be wearing the pancakes. *evil grin*.
You're going great though, and I'm so glad that Bell helps her mum out so much, I guess Gaston won't be. They both grew up well, I love Bell's teen outfit. :)

Jacqueline said...

It's so neat seeing them here and remembering when I saw them in points while you simmed (I'm such a nerd). Hee!

Bubbs said...

Great update! Nice to see bell helping her mom out.

Gaston...what a nice name. :)

Infinity-Nevermore said...

You're lucky. As least you got your G2 kid. I started the challenge yesterday and my first kid was a boy. XP

Sally said...

Bell is gorgeous - shame she won't be able to go to uni. But at least she'll be able to get a job. I'm looking forward to seeing Bell all grown up and setting out on her own(well - to live with her husband as a good G2 woman should).

Doesn't this challenge make you realise how good we have it compared to women from another era?

Kerry said...

Wow, Ella is so stoic! She just takes it all in stride. Bell is gorgeous, though. I agree with Ruby--I would get pretty irritable playing this challenge!